For most lawyers, appeals are a once-in-a-while, part-time job. Unfortunately, appellate practice is too hard for that level of attention.

You can’t afford a part-time appellate lawyer. To win an appeal, there must be a mistake made by the judge, the prosecutor, or the trial lawyer. In order to find and exploit these errors, the appellate lawyer must have a comprehensive knowledge of each of these roles and significant trial experience as a defense lawyer.

David Clark and Jessica Towne have seen the process from all sides: Mr. Clark was a judge, Ms. Towne was a prosecutor, and they have each defended thousands of clients before juries and judges in Georgia. They have each been practicing criminal law exclusively for nearly 30 years. They have earned the respect of judges and lawyers throughout the state and have enjoyed tremendous success as law partners.

Clark & Towne is fully devoted to appellate practice. Our goal is to provide the best  case analysis, legal research, written advocacy, oral advocacy, and client service available anywhere in the State of Georgia.