You have 30 days to appeal a license suspension in Georgia

If the officer kept your driver’s license and gave you a large, yellow sheet of paper, your license has been suspended and you have 30 days to appeal this license suspension. This is form 1205 and you need to read and understand it.

Not sure if your license has been suspended because it’s still in your wallet? If you have your plastic license, call the Department of Driver Services license information line at 404-657-9300 (or check online at and enter your license number.  If the system says “YOU HAVE A VALID LICENSE,” you probably do not face a civil license suspension.

  • If you still aren’t sure, consult with a lawyer in person, with your driving history in hand. If it turns out your license isn’t suspended, the cost will likely be minimal.
  • If your license is now a piece of paper issued by your arresting officer, try to hire an attorney as soon as possible and have her help you choose which option is best for you.

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